Assessment Services

A standard assessment by Elgin Speech and Language Services is guided by your child’s age and your specific concerns. All assessments include an interview with parents/guardians, review of reports or school documents (if provided by you), an informal play/interaction session, and a standardized test. It is always recommended that the evaluation include observation at day care or school (if school, board, and union policies allow). This is the most comprehensive way to determine your child’s unique profile, develop goals for treatment, and measure progress. An assessment session includes the integration of assessment results into the development of a therapy plan (if necessary). Documentation can be provided at additional costs. If documentation is required, please discuss this with your SLP, as the comprehensiveness of the document required will determine the costs.

Therapy Services

Treatment goals and number of sessions suggested are determined by your needs and those of your child. Your involvement in therapy is a strong indicator of any therapy program’s success, and so you are encouraged to watch or participate in every individual therapy session. All therapy provided is one-one with your child and has specific speech/language targets embedded in naturalistic play or interactive settings. Articulation therapy usually involves a combination of practice/drills embedded in interactive games.
Your SLP is certified to lead Hanen ® parent training workshops for parents of toddlers/preschoolers with language or social communication impairments. Because you spend more time with your child than anyone else does, implementing language strategies at home will benefit your child as much as – if not more than – individual therapy sessions. Participation in Hanen ® workshops is also the most cost-effective way to receive therapy for you and your child. Once your child is assessed, you  learn research-based ways to help your children learn language or social communication skills. It involves hands-on teaching of specific skills and video feedback so you can watch and assess your skills as you develop them. Ask your SLP about the structure of this program to see whether it is right for your family.

Screening Services for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

This service examines your child’s social communication behaviours: the quality of your child’s interactions with you and his or her environment with and without the use of language. This involves parent/guardian interview, a screening questionnaire (depending on your child’s age), observations of the child interacting with you and interactions with the child by your SLP (when possible). This service helps doctors to determine the appropriate diagnosis for your child or what next steps to take to help. It may also help determine the need for a full speech-language assessment, if it is determined that your child’s behaviours may be caused by difficulties in language expression or understanding.