School-aged services

Our SLPs provide a variety of services for children along the entire school-aged spectrum…from KG to high school.





All assessments involve an interview and history, review of reports or documentation by previous professionals (if available), informal interview/interaction session with the child, and standardized testing. For younger children with articulation difficulties, a language screening is also administered to rule out language difficulties. For older children, a language battery includes screening of reading and writing skills. For children aged 6-12 who are referred for language difficulties, a test of verbal reasoning is also administered (click here to know more about verbal reasoning).

Reports that may be required for school are not included in the assessment fee. If you require documentation (other than invoices) please discuss this with us when you are booking an appointment.  A detailed fee schedule is provided at the initial session.


9 - 12 yAll therapies for school-aged children are one-one desk-top activities with a Speech-Language Pathologist. A therapy plan is highly dependent on specific difficulties discovered through the assessment process and the family’s goals. There is no way to predict how long it will take to improve a specific skill, but consistent attendance, work at home, and parental involvement are crucial to success (read more about this here).







Community outreach

BSLS can provide verbal feedback to other community professionals, such as primary care physicians. At the parent’s discretion, we can communicate with teachers and school administrators, as well. A telephone call to relay test results is free of charge. Face-to-face consultations with school staff, attendance at school meetings, or written reports are billed hourly at 15-minute increments. Written permission from the school principal must provided in order for our SLP to be on school property for any matter concerning your child’s care.