The practice

Bluewater Speech & Language Services (BSLS) is a private practice located in Sarnia. We offer fee-for-service speech, language, reading, and global communication assessment and treatment for children aged 1 to 18 years. In addition, we offer speech, language, cognitive communication and swallowing assessment and treatment for adults with difficulties in these areas. Clients have the choice to receive service at the clinic, in their homes, or at their day care or school (private school only, as public schools do not allow private practitioners on premises). Additional costs are associated with home or school visits. Our facility is registered with HCAI and therefore offer services that can be billed directly to motor vehicle insurance companies in the case of injuries sustained in accidents.

The Clinic

The clinic is located at 1202 Lambton Mall Road. Our clinic houses a spacious waiting room and two clinic rooms. In addition, the brightly lit space encourages clients of all ages participate at their fullest potential and parents or caregivers to be comfortable observing and/or participating in each session.