Adult Services

shutterstock_88135870BSLS provides services for adults experiencing difficulties with many aspects of communication. Adults can experience communication difficulties as a result of stuttering, hearing loss, or brain trauma (such as from a stroke or motor vehicle collision). In addition to being trained in the assessment and treatment of cognitive-communication impairments, SLPs are also highly knowledgeable in disorders of swallowing, called “dysphagia.” For adults involved in motor vehicle collisions, BSLS is an independent HCAI facility, but also works closely with the healthcare professionals of  Novus Rehabilitation to help optimize patient recovery.





Assessment procedures for adults are guided by the specific concerns or the known causes of the speech, language or swallowing difficulty (such as stroke or head injury). All evaluations involve an interview with the patient and – if possible – a family member, informal evaluations, oral-motor examination, and recording of speech samples for analysis. Often, standardized tests of language and/or verbal reasoning ability are administered. Swallowing assessments involve oral-motor examination to test the integrity of the structures of the mouth and face and clinical examination of the swallow of various liquid and food textures.
Documentation provided is dependent on client need, and fees are determined by the length and depth of the document requested. If you require documentation, please discuss this when booking an appointment. A fee schedule is provided at the first meeting.


Treatment is dependent on assessment findings. For treatment of speech, language or verbal reasoning skills, naturalistic  activities are developed based on the client’s activity profile. Treatment for swallowing problems usually involves adjusting the consistency of food and fluid taken and monitoring for changes.