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The ability to communicate is an essential part of our lives. When this is impaired for any reason, it will impact behavior, relationships and education.
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Mohamed (Mo) Oshalla
MHSc., Speech-Language Pathologist (C)
Developmental Milestones

How to use this guide:

We build our skills on what we’ve already learned. The skills summarized under each age range assume that the child has established prerequisite skills at an earlier age.

0-3 m

3-6 m

6-9 m

9–12 m

12-18 m

18–24 m

24–30 m

30m–3 y

3–3.5 y


4–4.5 y

4.5-5 y

5–6 y

6–7 y

7–9 y

9-12 y

12-14 y

15–18 y


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If you are concerned about your child’s development in speech, language, social skills, or literacy, please make a referral. You will not be kept waiting for months!


The information provided on this site is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to – nor SHOULD it – be used to screen or otherwise evaluate your child for speech, language, or social communication delays. It is not a complete inventory of typical child language development and does not take into consideration any variables that can affect development. In addition, this information includes limited details of the development of word and sentence grammar use and understanding, which are very important to the way older children interact with others. Finally, literacy milestones are not discussed.